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I just installed virtualenv onto my ubuntu 12.10 laptop. Am I supposed to install python itself into this vritualenv as well as all future python packages into this virtualenv?

Or is python not included in virtualenv typically?

when I type in 'which python' at the bash command line, I get /usr/bin/python, and it's python 2.7.3. Should I install, say python 2.7.5 inside virtualenv?


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Virtualenv installs python, but it's installed in the bin directory of the virtualenv you created. Therefore you need to run it with ./bin/python.

You can also "activate" the virtualenv by running

source bin/activate

Which will put the virtualenvs bin directory first in the path (and do some other trickery I think) which will make the virtualenvs Python the default Python, so you can start it with just python. But this is not necessary.

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