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I was wondering if there was a quick key combination in NetBeans to get the various GUI items placed on it back to their default sizes and something approaching a default position. I ask because, when swapping between Layouts / playing with NetBeans / trying to get the various items to display properly, they have the odd tendency to teleport to places I cannot find, or change size to something less than useful. Admittedly, this is quite annoying, when you have more than a few items in a form, and have to use the Navigator to find out whether the damn thing even still exists!

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You can use the Window > Reset Windows menu item. This will reset the IDE's GUI back to the default state.

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Use the Help>About menu to find the User Directory. Then navigate to it and delete directory config>Windows2Local. Restart the IDE and you will have the default windows settings. (The deleted dir will be recreated by netbeans)

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Wait, this will reset just the single frame I am editing, or all of them? –  user978122 Jul 3 '13 at 8:07
this will restore all IDE gui to their default place –  MaVRoSCy Jul 3 '13 at 8:08
You can delete the <UserDir>/config/Windows2Local directory instead. - NetBeans will recreate it on startup. Deleting the whole user directory will also delete the cache that the IDE has built up - which is used to improve the startup time, any database connections you have stored, personal preferences, ect. –  Jonathan Spooner Jul 5 '13 at 8:22

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