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I pod install NYXImagesKit to my example project, it builds successfully but after the simulator lunches, there is error in Xcode: /XXX.m:17:9: 'NYXImagesKit.h' file not found

Everything is fine, the simulator works fine, the only problem is that the build error is there but no link error, it is very strange.

I have ${PODS_HEADERS_SEARCH_PATHS} defined in HEADER SEARCH PATH, and the pod.config is as follow:

OTHER_LDFLAGS = -ObjC -lxml2 -framework Accelerate -framework AssetsLibrary -framework CoreImage -framework ImageIO -framework MobileCoreServices -framework QuartzCore
PODS_BUILD_HEADERS_SEARCH_PATHS = "${PODS_ROOT}/BuildHeaders" "${PODS_ROOT}/BuildHeaders/NYXImagesKit" "${PODS_ROOT}/BuildHeaders/hpple"
PODS_PUBLIC_HEADERS_SEARCH_PATHS = "${PODS_ROOT}/Headers" "${PODS_ROOT}/Headers/NYXImagesKit" "${PODS_ROOT}/Headers/hpple"
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I'm surprised the simulator launches if it's showing you a build issue. You might want to try cleaning your project from Product -> Clean in the menu bar. Or deleting your derived data from the Organizer. Also verify that CocoaPods has the newest version with pod --version (right now it is 0.21.0) otherwise update with [sudo] gem update

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i have done all of above but i still got the problem, it is ok to build, and run, but the red alert indicated the File not found always there...my pods version is 0.20.2 –  zolibra Jul 11 '13 at 23:24
@zolibra not exactly sure what the issue is but you should update CocoaPods with the command above. They develop it super quickly. –  Keith Smiley Jul 12 '13 at 1:24

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