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In expect module if the expression I am expecting is not matching, how to stop the execution of the program and come out of the loop.Because, even if the pattern doesn't match it goes on executing the script.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w    
use Expect;    
my $handle = new Expect;    
$handle = Expect->spawn("telnet");    
$handle->expect(10,'re','sdhj: ');     #The expected string [sdhj: ]is not matching , but even then it goes on executing the below lines    
$handle->expect(10,'re','Password: ');    

What I want is, if the expression expected is not matched, then execution of the program should be stopped with error msg.

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For a simple case like this just add an or die where you want the error message to occur (change my error message below to whatever you want):

$handle->expect(10,'re','sdhj: ') or die "Didn't match [sdhj: ] $!"

If things get a little more complicated you might want to look into the Try::Tiny module.

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my $timeout = 10;
my $pattern = 'sdhj:';
                'timeout', sub {die "did not match $pattern in $timeout seconds"},

Documentation: https://metacpan.org/module/RGIERSIG/Expect-1.21/Expect.pod#object-expect-timeout-match_patterns

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