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I'm currently trying 2CO payment integration to my website with 2CO demo account. I was setting up my account in accordance with the requirements that I need. But when I do the payment process and finish it, I did not get a notification (INS). I had to fill INS URL in INS setting and I use form basic payment with plug and play parameters. So, why I can't get notification and please tell me how to set my 2CO account that can get INS. Thanks.

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2Checkout INS messages are not sent on demo sales so if you are also utilizing the Instant Notification Service (INS), you can use the INS testing tool to simulate the INS messages you are listening for.

Please feel free to also contact if you need assistance with testing your integration.

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That kind of defeats the purpose of the demo sale, doesn't it ? :/ I seen some of the strangest practices during the last 4 weeks while trying to setup 2CO. Including but not limited to creating a 2CO account for each and every of my 40 domains. But also permanently locking accounts with money in it, because of inactivity. – adrianTNT Aug 13 '13 at 9:35
That seriously defies the point of a test sale!! The point of test sale is to make sure everything will work fine in the live environment.. !!!!! – Yashvit Jan 31 '14 at 12:30

I created an INS post url and tested on and it worked. But it is not sending HTTP POST request on clicking of a sale's "Recurring-Installment-success" option.

I am doing this on a sandbox account and I have made Demo setting as OFF .

As per INS Documents, INS notifications are not sent on demo sales. I hope after making demo setting off, a sale is no more a demo sale.

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