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I need an index-page, that shows links to all gitHub repositories.

I think that is the reason, why many repos are not found by crawlers like the Waybackmachine

I think if there was such a site with a high ranking, they would start crawling it

The developer site sais, there is an Api for getting all repos

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I'm not sure to understand how this is a programming related question. What are you trying to achieve? – nulltoken Jul 2 '13 at 7:40
I would like to program a huge index-page, that contains links to all gitHub repositories. (only if it doesen't already exist, but I fond none, searching) – rubo77 Jul 2 '13 at 8:02
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Warning: GitHub hosts a huge number of repositories. You'll have to take this into account when designing your index.

I can think of a few options:

  • The legacy GitHub search API. You'll have to cope with the API rate limit though.
  • This StackOverflow answer could be a good start to get a rough grasp of the number of repos per language.
  • Leveraging the GitHub Archive project which records the public GitHub timeline. (Note: As the project only exposes events back from February 12, 2011, you won't get any data about repositories showing no activity since this date.)
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