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How can I monitor incoming request in Node.js,

Here , actually I am getting continues heart-bits from MODEM , I want to monitor the different request... For some time if I didnt get any request from particular IP i want to some other function ,

How can I check for NO REQUEST FOR some time to NODE.js ??

I tried with

    req.on('close', function (){}) // but didn't work for me ...:(    
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In your request handler, store the IP of the request with the time that the request was received.

Write a function that looks at your store of IPs and determines if there are any IPs from which a request hasn't been received recently enough and does whatever you want to do in response.

Pass that function to setInterval

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please can I get prototype code ....!! Am new to JS –  Tanveer Jul 2 '13 at 7:11

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