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Using Google Maps Android v2, how can I snap a route drawn with a polyline or just the points that are getting connected to a street?

I am getting locations from Google Play Services, but accurency is usually around 5-10 meters, so points are not directly on the street, but a bit wrong.

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You could take a look at this blog post guide I wrote on how to make a call to Google directions API parse the point and present them on Google Map:

Google maps directions using Google Directions API and Polylines

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yes, probably that's the way to go. However it seems this API is not a part of the Android framework or Google Play Services, so it won't work when the user is offline which is quite a bit of a downsite. –  Andreas Ka Jul 3 '13 at 1:29

One possible way would be to ask Google Directions API for the exact path between two consecutive points returned to you as Location objects.

Example request:


Remember there is a limit of 2500 request per day per user (IP), so you may also want to limit your LocationClient or LocationManager updates.

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