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This site refers to a button in which people can share the site on Facebook. That's nice and it works obviously, but not in the way I want it to work. I am running a Wordpress site so I want to get all the comments' unique id's to show when I click on this button on a certain comment. The variable I made is working (I tested it on something else), but I can't get it work with this share button. Can someone show me how to do this?

So this is the snippet:

<a href="#" 
    return false;">
  Share on Facebook

What I tried was replacing location.href and the whole encodeURI line, but that lead to nothing.

The variable I am trying to add is $testinglink


The link I want to output is this: ; in the pagetitle of the share dialog I am getting this, but not in the TITLE or BODY of the Share Dialog... How can this be?

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Now it works. It was just adding a urlencode before the variable like this:

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