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I have implemented google consumer survey in my local web server using google code which is provided google(that is only js file) like

<script async="" defer="" src="//survey.g.doubleclick.net/async_survey?site=3zpezx32utlew"></script>

but nothing work can any bode suggest how it works and how to implement

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Please explain what this question has to do with the tags php and google-app-engine, or please add more relevant tags such as javascript, survey and consumer to attract the attention of more people who might answer it. –  Martin Berends Feb 22 at 4:46
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First of all, don't forget you also need to click "Activate" to activate your survey. Also, put your script tag right before you close you head tag

<script async="" defer="" src="//survey.g.doubleclick.net/async_survey?site=3zpezx32utlew"></script></head>
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