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I have used wireshark to capture a packet and save it in a pcap file . Now I want to read this packet from the file and write into another file n number of times . How can I do it?

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your question isn't clear enough.

  • If you want only to take a file and append it to itself (you can choose the merge option of wireshark in file->merge - read more here).
    But without editing it you'll get a lot of duplicate acks and other "weird stuff" - because sequence numbers would be kept the same (if you just copy of course).

  • If you want to do a whole editing process you should consider pcap editing tools such as: bittwist, libcrafter, editcap (suppose to be in your wireshark installation folder) or powereditpcap (of course you can find others :)).

Hope that gave you some direction.

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To open the pcap file, you would use :

pcap_t *pcap, *handle;
char errbuf [PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE];
pcap = pcap_open_offline(argv[1],errbuf);

If pcap!=NULL, then you have successfully opened the pcap file. Now you can just loop through the file till you reach the end of the file.

struct pcap_pkthdr header;
const unsigned char *packet;
for (i = 0; (packet = pcap_next(pcap, &header)) != NULL; i++) {
   <do what you want to do with the packet using the packet pointer>
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