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I have to plot many lines in GNU PLOT.No problem with the X axis. The problem that I am facing is that most of the plotted lines are at yscale [0-0.05] ,few at range 60-70 and rest at 600-700. These numbers correspond to the y axis scale values. But after I plot I can see only 3 sets of lines all messed up. There is no clearity between the lines. Line at 0 and the line at 0.003 look like one single line. If I set yrange[0:0.05], the lines between this range are clearly vissible. But I want all the lines in the same graph. I have heard of breaking axis's and multi plotting..Can they be useful? how to implement them. Anyone pls help me. Below is the sript

set terminal png size 1300,1200 enhanced font 'Verdana,20
set output ' output .png’
set key  font 'Verdana,16'
set key bottom outside
set yrange[500:1000] 
set xtics("25k" 25000,"50k" 50000,"75k" 75000,"100k" 100000)
set grid
set title 'Performance Metrics'
set ylabel 'Metrices'
set xlabel 'FES'

plot ' input '  using 1:2 title ' A' with linespoints linewidth 4, 
' input ' using 1:3 title B'with linespoints linewidth 4,
'input ' using 1:4 title ' c' with linespoints linewidth 4, 
'input ' using 1:5 title 'D' with linespoints linewidth 4, 
 ' input ' using 1:6 title 'E' with linespoints linewidth 4,
' input ' using 1:7 title 'F' with linespoints linewidth 4,
' input ' using 1:8 title 'G' with linespoints linewidth 4,
' input '  using 1:9 title ' H ' with linespoints linewidth 4,
' input '  using 1:10 title ' I' Metric ' with linespoints linewidth 4

set output 
set terminal windows

input.dat is something like this:

25        0.002        0.05        899        455        444        0.08        0.00004        900        700        0.003

This way i have other rows. I have shown only the first one

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Can you provide a sample of the data and the gnuplot script you have so far? –  choroba Jul 2 '13 at 9:39
I have updated the problem discription above @choroba. Pls help –  guddi Jul 2 '13 at 10:44
Do you absolutely want the y-axis to have a linear scale? Using a logscaled y-axis should make all your plots comparable, are you averse to this solution in any way? –  SidR Jul 2 '13 at 11:06
@SidR Y athank u so much . I used "set logscale y". It worked for me :) –  guddi Jul 2 '13 at 11:30

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I'll convert my comment to an answer then. ;)

Changing your y-axis from linear scale to logscale using,

set logscale y

should make your plots comparable.

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