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How can I configure a virtual tree view to edit the next column when user presses TAB?

+ |1     + |2        +
+        +           +

Default behaviour is editing the next node/row:

+ |1     +           +
+ |2     +           +
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If you're using the default editor of the TVirtualStringTree class, then the editor is implemented by the TVTEdit class. That class handles the WM_KEYDOWN message, which has for the VK_TAB virtual key hardcoded switching to the next node without considering columns. As the easiest solution I would suggest you to implement your own editor through the IVTEditLink interface. – TLama Jul 2 '13 at 13:03
Since editable columns / grid mode are not considered, this seems to be a bug to me. You should consider opening an issue at If you can provide a patch, I will be happy to include it in the next release. – Joachim Marder Jul 2 '13 at 15:48

I would suggest setting up the 'OnKeyPress' event and then manually directing the selected item in the treeview to the desired next item.

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