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Often I’d like to compare the runtime performance of multiple implementations of the same function. For individual inputs, criterion is a good tool.

But what is an easy way to plot the performance of the code over varying input size, e.g. to see the algorithmic complexity?

Ideally, I pass the library a value of type Benchmarkable r => [(String, Int -> r)], i.e. a list of size-dependent benchmarks, and the library will automatically find a the sensible input range for each value and creates a nice plot from it.

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e.g. to see the algorithmic complexity?

There's a package for that:

However, I typically use QuickCheck to drive testing at random data sizes, then plot the result.

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Too bad, it seems the package has bit-rotted; its dependency hstats does not build in GHC 7.6. – Joachim Breitner Jul 2 '13 at 10:41
You're telling me, I patched that a year ago... but it isn't hard to fix, for anyone else reading - just get the version from github until the author uploads a new version (some time 2014 perhaps?) – Thomas M. DuBuisson Jul 2 '13 at 14:51

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