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I am producing a kind of accounting report. It is a balance sheet actually.

What I have:

  1. An AccountGroupCategory table. For example, Assets or Liabilities
  2. A AccountGroup table. For example, Current or non-current assets.
  3. A Account table. For example, Short-term investment

In terms of relationships, the first one is the father of the AccountGroup and latter is the father of the Account.

I need to display them as the following:

  • Assets (which is of course the first item above)
  • Current Assets (the second item)
  • Short-term investment (the last one)

    Record Two... Record Three... etc.

I hope I could make the concept clear.

My Problem: How can I create such a report in rdlc?

Thank you,

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Could you upload a sample format of your report . a screen shot of excel or anything. so that it will be more clear –  Nithesh Jul 4 '13 at 12:52

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I Could Solve the problem using the following link so that I'd like to share it with others:

How to create a single column (multiple group) grouping in SSRS

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