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I have a web site on an Azure virtual machine which I need to debug in production since it is working fine on my development machine.

I have installed the remote debugger tools on the server, I have allowed the .exe through the firewall, and I have added endpoints for the ports 4016,4017 for the machine in the Azure portal administration site.

When I try to attach to the process I enter my servers address * but it does not connect. I have tried without authentication and with windows authentication, I have also created duplicate local windows accounts on both machines with the same passwords.

Also I have checked that the local security policy is set up so that users may authenticate as themselves.

All in all, I seem to have done everything correct but still no success.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Peter Larsson!

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I've found this blog article, if it helps:… - Remote Debugging a Window Azure Web Site with Visual Studio 2013. I hope it helps. – usulkies Mar 11 '14 at 17:41

According to this MSDN article,

Debugging over the internet is not supported.

Instead you are advised to use IntelliTrace to run your app and then follow execution from the IntelliTrace log. Note that this requires Visual Studio Ultimate.

The other alternative that I am aware of is to set up a VPN to allow you to attach the debugger in the normal fashion.

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