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I have problem with my phantom Js code, as you see below, I have code to test my friend web server (make with node Js). Actually, it seem simple and perfectly runs.

var page = require('webpage').create();

var address   = "http://localhost:3333";

// Route "console.log()" calls from within the Page context to the 
// main Phantom context (i.e. current "this")
page.onConsoleMessage = function(msg) {
  console.log("Console.log: ", msg);

page.onAlert = function(msg) {
  console.log("Alert:", msg);
};, function (s) {
    page.evaluate(function () {
  function click(el){
      var ev = document.createEvent("MouseEvent");
      true /* bubble */,
      true /* cancelable */,
      window, null,
      0, 0, 0, 0, /* coordinates */
      false, false, false, false, /* modifier keys */
      0 /*left*/, null
  document.getElementById('username').value = 'MyName';
  document.getElementById('password').value = 'MyWord';

    page.onNavigationRequested = function() {
  // console.log("Moved", JSON.stringify(arguments))
  // to check whether send or not
  page.render("printscreen" + ".png");

  page.render("nextprintscreen" + ".png");
    }, 3000);


when I declare
var userName = 'MyName';
var passWord = 'MyWord';
then place it below
var address = "http://localhost:3333";
and exchange
document.getElementById('username').value = 'MyName';
document.getElementById('password').value = 'MyWord';
document.getElementById('username').value = userName;
document.getElementById('password').value = passWord;

it return invalid username or password from my friend web server. Can you help me how to figure it out and why it happen. It's my first 'javascript world' code.

I already read this question and another variation then a suggestion

but it's just make me more confuse.


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The problem is that page.evaluate() is sandboxed, and so has no access to the variables of your phantom script.

Since PhantomJS 1.6, JSON-serializable arguments can be passed to the page.evaluate(). The arguments and the return value to the evaluate function must be a simple primitive object. However, an object can be serialized via JSON.

You can change your code to this :

page.evaluate(function (login, pwd) {
     document.getElementById('username').value = login;
     document.getElementById('password').value = pwd;
}, userName , passWord );
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thanks.. I'll try it tomorrow.. now I am on rest.. ^^. – Ahmad Azwar Anas Jul 2 '13 at 14:06
it works like the river flows. thanks anyway. – Ahmad Azwar Anas Jul 3 '13 at 2:51

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