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I am using leaflet js with openstreetmap in my project.
I have multiple circlemarkers at same place in my map.
I want to store some Id in that circlemarkers so that I can Identify that which data should be refereed when circlemarker is clicked.

My circlemarker is

var myMarker = L.circleMarker(myPoint, { title: 'unselected', radius: 20 });

Here I am using title for other purpose that's why I cant use it.
Can any one tell me some way to do this.

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It sounds like you would like to add new functionality (functions, properties, etc) to an existing class. It would make sense to use object-oriented principals for this. For this purpose, I'd recommend you extending the CircleMarker class to add those properties.

customCircleMarker = L.CircleMarker.extend({
   options: { 
      someCustomProperty: 'Custom data!',
      anotherCustomProperty: 'More data!'

Now when you create your circle marker, create an instance of your extended object instead.

var myMarker = new customCircleMarker(myPoint, { 
    title: 'unselected',
    radius: 20,
    someCustomProperty: 'Adding custom data to this marker!',
    anotherCustomProperty: 'More custom data to this marker!'

Now you can get the properties like you would any other option from the marker. This is just a simple case of extending, and you can do more as needed, such as adding other properties or functions to the object.

JSFiddle example: JSFiddle

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I tried to do this . var customCircleMarker = L.circleMarker.extend({ options: { StudentName: '', } }); var myMarker = new customCircleMarker(myPoint, { title: 'unselected', radius: 20, StudentName: students[k].Name }); // myMarker.on('click', selectMarker); myMarker.addTo(map); then It is not adding Marker on map –  vaibhav shah Jul 2 '13 at 11:43
Sorry. Typo. L.CircleMarker.extend. The 'C' in 'CircleMarker' must be capitalized. Also added a JSFiddle to my answer. –  Patrick D Jul 2 '13 at 11:49
It works very well. thank you –  vaibhav shah Jul 2 '13 at 11:55

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