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Currently I'm looking for a way to convert a boost::asio::ip::address_v4() to a string. Is there a way to accomplish this? The method comes from the ipv4_header.hpp on the boost website

Update: i have tried boost::asio::ip::address_v4::to_string(ipv4_hdr.source_address()), but I was unsuccessful

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You need to learn to read documentation, there is a to_string() function. – Jesse Good Jul 2 '13 at 10:43
I already found that, it was right in the documentation but it doesn't work. I have boost::asio::ip::address_v4::to_string(ipv4_hdr.source_address()). It gives: Error: no instance of overloaded function "boost::asio::ip::address_v4::to_string" matches the arguments list arguments types are: (boost::asio::ip::address_v4) – compu92 Jul 2 '13 at 10:58
Try ipv4_hdr.source_address().to_string(); – Jesse Good Jul 2 '13 at 11:03
Just before your post I tried the same and it worked! If you want to add this as an answer, than I it clear that his has been answered. – compu92 Jul 2 '13 at 11:06
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address_v4 has a member function to_string.

The function you were calling, boost::asio::ip::address_v4 source_address() const returns an address_v4 object by value. Non-static member functions must be called on objects, therefore, you can call to_string() on the object returned from the function: ipv4_hdr.source_address().to_string();. Note also the member function is marked const which allows you to call it on constant objects.

The error was for two reasons:

  1. to_string() has two overloads. One accepts zero arguments and the other accepts an boost::system::error_code reference. You were trying to pass an address_v4 object as an argument to to_string(), which is incorrect (no such overload exists).

  2. The syntax boost::asio::ip::address_v4::to_string(...) will only work if to_string() is a static member function. Since to_string() is a non-static member function you need the . dot operator to call a member function on the object instance, i.e. .to_string().

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