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I have this code (reading images into a huge matrix)

allImages = [];
for ii = 1 : n
    img = imread( fileNames{ii} );
    img = imresize( rgb2gray(img), [100 100] );
    allImages = cat(3, allImages, img ); % append image to huge matrix

Matlab points me to the last line in the loop warning me that allIamges grows inside the loop.

So what's the big deal here?

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It is a big deal.

In term of correctness - the code does what is expected. The issue here is performance.

What happens behind the scenes?

When a new image is appended to allImages, Matlab has to find a contiguous region of memory (i.e. all in one chunk) for the resized allImages. This usually entails a new memory allocation for the resized allImages, copying of old data and de-allocation of the old allImages.
These re-allocation + copy operations that occur behind the scene (probably at each iteration!) can be very time consuming.

What can be done?

1. Pre-allocate: If you know the number of images and the final size of allImages, reserve this space beforehand:

allImages = zeros( 100, 100, n ); % pre-allocate, fill with zeros.
for ii = 1 : n
    % ...
    allImages(:,:, ii ) = img; % write into pre-allocated array

2. What if I don't know n beforehand?: There are several questions already dealing with this issue. For example this answer.

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+1, however, R2011a has improved the situation quite substantially. –  Rody Oldenhuis Jul 2 '13 at 12:09
@RodyOldenhuis - thanks, didn't know that... –  Shai Jul 2 '13 at 12:10
@RodyOldenhuis It would have driven me crazy... –  Shai Jul 2 '13 at 12:12
woodchips has also written a nice post about this topic: stackoverflow.com/a/783137/97160 –  Amro Jul 2 '13 at 12:58

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