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I typed codes in R to download sp package, it says -- Package ‘sp’ is not available (for R version 3.0.1).

I downloaded sp manually from Questions is: how to unpack the tar.gz file? I work with RGui in windows 7.


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Hm, I just downloaded and installed the binary via install.packages("sp"). I'm also using R 3.0.1 on Windows, and I even got it from the UCLA mirror just to be sure. Try again and see if it works. – Hong Ooi Jul 2 '13 at 12:34

Suppose you work with RStudio, hit 'Tools' --> 'Install packages' and you're able to select the .tar.gz file from your local system.

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If you have the file locally, then you can use the following:

R> install.packages(sp_package_path, repos=NULL, type="source")

where sp_package_path is the path to the source package (.tar.gz file).

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Does this work on a Windows system? – ialm Jul 3 '13 at 16:55
Rtools are required on Windows, since the package includes some C-Code ( – rcs Aug 25 '15 at 14:10

What was the code that you entered? What was the error message that you received?



If that fails, try:

install.packages("sp", dependencies=TRUE)

If that fails, please update your question with the exact error message.

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