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I want to dipslay another application say Test2 from Test1 in a SurfaceView canvas. This is the code of the Thread's run function :

 public void run()
    mcanvas = surfaceHolder.lockCanvas();

    Intent LaunchIntent =  context.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.example.test2");


This code invokes Test2 , but not in the canvas. It replaces the entire application which is Test1 with Test2.

I need help in this . Thanks in advance

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What you want is not possible. You cannot embed another app's activity into your own, whether using a SurfaceView or not, without substantial OS-level changes.

If you are the author of both Test1 and Test2, you are welcome to have Test2 prepare a RemoteViews with a UI and deliver that RemoteViews to Test1 by some means (e.g., broadcast). Test1 can then display that RemoteViews.

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