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I am trying to analyze memory usage in Windows phone. I want to get the memory details about Internal Memory, RAM. In that I want to analyze Total memory, Used memory, Free memory.

I was successful to find the phone memory Free space and Total RAM Size but I failed to find used RAM, Free RAM, Used Phone memory, Total space in phone memory. Is there any way to find this? Any example?

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If you want to check memory usgae real-time, check out the Coding4Fun toolkit MemoryCounter. You can add the counter to any page via code or xaml

<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">

The MemoryCounter control will display memory stats as you navigate your app. (Note: You'll want to add it to any page that you want to profile)

If you want to get a full report of memory usage then you should use the memory profiler built into Visual Studio. From the Debug menu select Start Windows Phone Application Analysis. This will open a window in which you can pick if you want to profile memory or performance.

You can read more about the profiler on MSDN.

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go to storage sense -> tap on 'Phone' will list apps residing on internal memory.

Tap on SD card -> will list other apps.

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