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I use JSF2 and primefaces. I have this piece of code

<c:forEach begin="1" end="5" var="i">
    <h:outputLabel value="#{i} #{msg.set}:"/>

Is it possible replace with ui:repeat without creating list items in range from 1 to 5?

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pls check: stackoverflow.com/a/7768050/757071 –  johny Jul 2 '13 at 13:50

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You may be able to get away with constructing an inline list with spel


<ui:repeat var="i" value="#{1,2,3,4,5}">
    <h:outputLabel value="#{i} #{msg.set}:"/>

But may be unwieldy if you need hundreds.

I think you would have to create a backing bean of some sort to be more flexible.

It could be made as a seperate utility bean that has a method the returns a List of integers i guess to help out so you could call

<ui:repeat var="i" value="#{util.generate(1,5)}">
    <h:outputLabel value="#{i} #{msg.set}:"/>
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No. The ui:repeat tag is not a general iterating tag, but works with collections only.

You'll have to use forEach, or design around this.

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