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Scenario: I have launched & navigated to a popup search page, where I select some search criteria. I then select a search button and a grid/table of entries is displayed. The table will only be populated with entries if the search criteria has found entries based on the input given (Its basically a hotel rate search, if you look for a hotel in a certain area it will return rates. No hotels available = no rates).

So I have started these lines of code like this (Please bare with me, I have only been coding for a month so it is quite juvenile):

// Selects the cell you require from the table grid (tr=row td=cell nth-child=number down)
mWebDriver.SelectElement(By.CssSelector("#grd_ResultsRateByRoom tr td.Selectable"));
if (tableCells == 0)
    throw new System.Exception("No rate available");

Now all I want to do is return an alternate line of code to click any valid entry if there is an entry displaying (I have already defined a class for ClickElementById, but using the standard; on the end of this does not function correctly?

enter image description here

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Thanks @user1177636 , I have just realised that I need 10+ reputation points to post images. Would help if I could attach a screenshot for you.... – user2464219 Jul 3 '13 at 15:12
Thanks, appreciate it. . . . The screenshot is here: (Let me know what further info would be helpful and I will update the post). – user2464219 Jul 4 '13 at 7:11

Try using XPath to locate the specific cell. You can locate it via FirePath extension for FireFox

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Thank you! Would vote your answer up but as a noob i dont have any priviledge to do this :-) – user2464219 Sep 10 '13 at 12:00
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I think I have solved it (using both the FindElement with By.Xpath and By.CssSelector methods).

One that worked best was:

mWebDriver.SelectElement(By.CssSelector("#grd_ResultsRateByRoom tr td.Selectable")).Click();
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