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What's the most efficient way to test if two NetworkX graphs are identical (i.e. same set of nodes, same node attributes on each node, same set of edges and same edge attributes on each edge)? Suppose that we know the two graphs are of the same class.

Thank you for your kind answer.

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I think you're asking about graph isomorphism.

If so, I don't know much about it, but the Wikipedia page ( seems pretty comprehensive.

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There's a function in NetworkX called is_isomorphic()

Here is an example from that page:

>>> G1 = nx.DiGraph()
>>> G2 = nx.DiGraph()
>>> G1.add_path([1,2,3,4],weight=1)
>>> G2.add_path([10,20,30,40],weight=2)
>>> em = iso.numerical_edge_match('weight', 1)
>>> nx.is_isomorphic(G1, G2)  # no weights considered
>>> nx.is_isomorphic(G1, G2, edge_match=em) # match weights
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Can you add more information? – cpburnz Nov 7 '14 at 18:07

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