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I have a list : scope_list = ['prd1 rls1', ' prd1 rls1 rls3 rls2']

I would like to create a filter based on scope_list that in SQL would look like :

(product=prd1 AND `release` in (rls1)) OR (product=prd1 AND release in (rls1 ,rls3, rls2))

Knowing that the number of values in scope_list varies and that I can't previously know it. This is why I would like to manage the filter dynamically from scope_list.

In SQL Alchemy I guess I should do something like this :

session.query(my_table).filter(or_(and_(my_table.product==%s,mytable.release.in_(%s))) for element.split() in scope_list)

I'm just starting to learn SQL Alchemy, any help would be much appreciated.

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Both or_ and and_ can take variable number of positional arguments, so if you build a list you can pass it in as position arguments with or_(*or_args).

# First I split each term in the scope list.
scope_list = [term.split() for term in scope_list]
# Then the query is built.
or_args = [and_(
    my_table.product == scope[0], 
    my_table.release.in_(scope[1:])) for scope in scope_list]
results = session.query(my_table).filter(or_(*or_args)).all()
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