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I have a jquery mobile webpage. The page consists of a listView which is dynamically generated with jquery. In the end of this list i want to have a simple button , that when i hit it i simply alert something.

My HTML code looks like this :

<div data-role="page" id="Home">
        <div data-role="content">
            <ul data-role="listview" data-inset="true" class="albums">      

                <button id="loadMoreAlbums">More Albums...</button>

The button as you see is hard coded under the dynamically generated listView. The jquery for the button is as simple as that :

            alert("yeah i am loaging more!");

I have 2 questions now:

1) When i load this page , the button is first loaded and i can see it for 2-3 seconds till the list is loaded and it goes in the end of the list. I dont really like that behavior , i would like that the button is "created" after the listView is already created, so that i dont see it like that in the page. However this is not a really problem , just for cosmetic reasons.

2) The real problem is that when i hit the button , instead of just alerting the simple text and nothing more , it "loads" the page again , and makes the listView vanish and only the button stay on screen. Why is it behaving like that though? Why is it trying to "load" the page again? I just want it to alert something , or do whatever my jquery tells it to do.

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Change your HTML from



<button type="button">...</button>

By default, a <button> element has type="submit" and will submit the form when clicked.


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    alert("yeah i am loaging more!");

The button is acting as a submit. By adding e.preventDefault(); you can supress the submit action.

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