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I have a view like this:

<xsl:comment>ko with: resolve(1)</xsl:comment>
<xsl:comment>ko template: { name: typeName }</xsl:comment>

and a viewmodel (the view's datacontext) with a method like this:

self.resolve = function (id) {
    var obs = ko.observable(null);
    return obs;

For some reason this turns into an infinity loop. My guess is that the with-binding thinks that it depends on the value of the observable obs and when it is updated the with-binding tries to run resolve again, and again and again...

How can I modify this code so that resolve is run once only?

What I'm trying to do is to have a dynamic viewmodel that adapts to what the view wants to present. If the view tries to resolve an item within a certain viewmodel-context, it should load this item async, create a new viewmodel for it and add it as a child-viewmodel to the datacontext-vm.

I have seen this async observable pattern when elsewhere but I seem to be using it wrongly.

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Your observation is correct, self.resolve is called whenever you're trying to set obs, the following is from knockout doc:

If the expression you supply involves any observable values, the expression will be re-evaluated whenever any of those observables change.

I don't know the reason why you use self.resolve function with with, my approach to this problem would probably look like:

function ViewMode() {
    self.obs = ko.observable(null);

    self.resolve = function (id) {

    self.resolve(1); // kick start the UI with id = 1

Then in the view, simply use data-bind="with: obs".

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I was trying to, dynamically from the view, get any item async by id without having to have observable-declarations for each item. But maybee (probably) I should rethink my design a bit. – Andreas Zita Jul 2 '13 at 19:35

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