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I am creating a form to submit to Authorize.net using the DPM. I believe the credit card expiration date must be formatted as yyyy/dd in a single variable.

I would like to use two fields on my html form: one drop-down select field for the month and one for the date. How can I combine the two html form fields into one variable so that it is submitted to Authorize.net as one correctly formatted variable on submit?

I suspect this could be done with javascript, however, it must work every time, even if javascript is disabled.

Thanks for any help or alternate suggestions.

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If you want it to work without JavaScript then you will need an extra step to process the form submission and then display the final information back to the user. Then they can submit it to Authnet to use DPM.

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ok, this makes perfect sense. However, if I do this processing and then display the information back to the user for submission to Authorize.net, will I have to meet PCI requirements sense the credit card info is being processed on my server? –  JayK Jul 2 '13 at 15:53

Here's how I handled it.

Users with javascript enabled see separate drop-downs for the month and year, as you suggested. Users without javascript see a text input field with the proper date format indicated.

You definitely do not want to post the form contents back to the origin server, since that defeats the point of using the Direct Post Method.

Here's the basic code using JQuery.

<form id="cart-form" action="...">

Expiration Date:
<div id="exp_date_wrap">
    <input name="x_exp_date" type="text" /> (format: mm/yy)

<select name="x_cc_month" id="x_cc_month" style="display:none">
    <option value="">-- month --</option>

<select name="x_cc_year" id="x_cc_year" style="display:none">
    <option value="">-- year --</option>

  $('#x_cc_month, #x_cc_year').show();

  $('#cart-form').submit(function() {
      $('#x_cc_month :selected').val() + '/' +
      $('#x_cc_year :selected').val()

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