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I simply added a jar library to project/libs. The app is working very well.
I decided to change its location; I first deleted it, and added it again to the root of the project (instead of project/libs) . I also added it to the Java Build Path
But in this case, when running the app it shows a message saying "Unfortunately, app has stopped". When I reinstated the jar library to its previous location The app is working.

How to change the location of jar library and get the app work?

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Put... the candle... back. – Robert Harvey Jul 2 '13 at 15:47
HAHAHA, yeah you will need to modify the build script or put it back in the lib folder. – His name was Robert Paulson Jul 2 '13 at 16:25

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For the normal build process to work, they have to be in libs. It's how ADT works. It's erroring because those jars are not being exported to your build.

See here: Android: What is the folder name of the jar files (LIB or LIBS)?

If you want to customise it you can but you may have to build via Ant.

See here: How do I reference external jar files in a common directory (not libs) to build android project using ant?

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