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I'm trying to convert the characters to unsigned short but the value I'm getting in m_cmdCode is always 0. Some input would be very helpful.

int main()
 char *temp = new char[3];
 unsigned short m_cmdCode = (unsigned short) atoi(temp);

// I want m_cmdCode to be equal to 111, is it possible to do this ?

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You're setting the elements of temp to the integer value 1. You want the character value '1':

memset(temp, '1', 3);

Note that you also need to NUL-terminate temp for atoi to work reliably.

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it's come from your memset, you put 3 bytes with value 1 it's not the same thing than writing

strcpy(temp, "111")

maybe I reversed the src and dest

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This will attempt to write a terminator and thus overflow the allocated array. –  Sebastian Redl Jul 2 '13 at 16:25

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