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I was looking for pages that contain help about the h.264 reference software JM. I was going to create a textfile which contains the number of bits for a macroblock for each frame.

I was debugging the program line by line, trying to find the variables which can print this, starting at int main () found in lencod.c but the debugging exited at the encode_sequence function marked by the comment //init encoder.

Here is the int main function:

int main(int argc, char **argv)


  Configure (p_Enc->p_Vid, p_Enc->p_Inp, argc, argv);

  // init encoder
  init_encoder(p_Enc->p_Vid, p_Enc->p_Inp);

  // encode sequence
  encode_sequence(p_Enc->p_Vid, p_Enc->p_Inp);

  // terminate sequence
  free_encoder_memory(p_Enc->p_Vid, p_Enc->p_Inp);

  free_params (p_Enc->p_Inp);  

  return 0;

Is anybody here familiar with JM? I have really scanty resources.

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