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I know this question has been asked earlier, and I am sorry to ask it again, I tried to implement a pre-commit hook, but was unable to do so. This compelled me to ask this question. I have SVN tortoise installed on my windows machine. I have an SVN repository in which I check-in the scripts. I want to implement a pre-commit hook which will scan the script I am trying to commit and search for a specified pattern. Let me explain with example:

I have a file properties.txt which has N number values say abc, pqr...xyz. I am trying to check in a script say, myscript.txt. So when I do an SVN commit, my pre-commit hook should scan the file (here myscript.txt) and search for all values/patterns from properties.txt (here abc, pqr...xyz). If any of these patterns are found, the commit operation should fail giving an error. If none of them is found, the commit should should complete successfully.

Please help me to implement this. Thanks in advance. I am also confused about the polatform I should choose for this. I know shell scripting so its better if we can get it done via a shell script.

Thanks in advance.

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There is a lot of good info in this thread: Windows Pre-commit hook for comment length Subversion

Also, you should consider whether you really want a client-side hook in Tortoise, or if you'd be better off with a server-side hook. You can use either/or/both. But the server-side has advantages if you are in a team environment.

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If you're in a team environment, server-side is the only way to implement a hook if you want it to be 100% reliable. I consider that to be a fairly significant advantage. –  alroc Jul 2 '13 at 19:29

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