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$sqldt1 = "UPDATE `ps_product` 
    `quantity` = $quantity, 
    `price` = $price, 
    `additional_shipping_cost` = $additional_shipping_cost,
    `active` = $active, 
    `available_for_order` = $available_for_order, 
    `show_price` = $show_price
WHERE `id_product` = $i";
mysql_query($sqldt1) or die("error in qr1; " . mysql_error());

$sqldt2 = "UPDATE `ps_product_lang` SET `name`=\"$name\", 
WHERE `id_product`=\"$id_p\" ";
mysql_query($sqldt2) or die("error in qr2; " . mysql_error());

$sqldt3 = "UPDATE ps_product SET date_upd = NOW() WHERE `id_product` = $i";
mysql_query($sqldt3) or die("error in qr3; " . mysql_error());

$sqldt4 = "UPDATE ps_product_shop SET `price`=\"$price\" WHERE `id_product` = $i";
mysql_query($sqldt4) or die("error in qr4; " . mysql_error());

$sqldt5 = "UPDATE ps_product_shop SET date_upd = NOW() WHERE `id_product` = $i";
mysql_query($sqldt5) or die("error in qr5; " . mysql_error());                                                                            

This 4 query is working correctly individualy, i need to left join all to single query with

LEFT JOIN ps_category_lang cl ON (p.id_category_default = cl.id_category) 

This is Prestashop update query

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The join you wish to incorporate doesn't appear to reference any of the tables used in the underlying updates. What relevance does it have? One can perform all of your underlying updates in a single UPDATE command without that join, by simply joining the tables which are being updated. Is that what you want? –  eggyal Jul 2 '13 at 18:10
Please, before you do anything else SQL related, read up on proper SQL escaping before you create even more serious SQL injection bugs. –  tadman Jul 2 '13 at 18:35

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