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Simple version
I have a variable in ng-style that sets the CSS left property. Since the element has a transition, any movement is noticeable. I want it to go from e.g., 400 to 500, but it always starts from 0, giving a "jump" effect. Is this a problem with the way Angular's binding works?

Detailed version
I have an HTML element that needs the CSS left property is calculated off the route. When the route changes the element slides over to another position. My problem is the element is restting to position 0 and then animating from here to the correct position, when it should be animating from the current position.

<div id="deviceCursor" ng-style="myService.getCursorPosition"></div>

#deviceCursor {
        position: absolute; bottom: 0px; left: 0;
        @include transition(all, 750ms, cubic-bezier(0.230, 1.000, 0.320, 1.000));

I've tried storing the left position variable in both the current controller and a service, but with both, the element resets to 0 before animating to the correct position. I have console.log's in my controller, and they do not sure the variable being reset to 0. If I paste in a left value directly into a live web inspector, the transition goes directly to the position intended, without resetting to 0, so I know the CSS is correct.

This would be easy with jQuery, but is there a correct AngularJS way?


var nav = {

        cursorPosition: 0,

        calculateCursorPosition: function(devicePosition){

            var width = 276;
            var delta = 39;

            return ((devicePosition * width) - delta);  

    // Public API
return {

  moveCursorToDevice: function(devicePosition){
    nav.cursorPosition = nav.calculateCursorPosition(devicePosition);

  getCursorPosition: function(){
    console.log("Pos: " + nav.cursorPosition);          
    return {left: (nav.cursorPosition + "px")};

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You might want to simplify your question to attract some helpful answers. –  Stewie Jul 2 '13 at 20:39
Thanks for the suggestion; added. –  lance Jul 2 '13 at 22:04

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