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I am using the Diab C compiler (v5.3.1.0) for the PowerPC and need to copy the MSR to a function's local variable. Diab does not support GCC style C expression expansion so "mfmsr %0\n" : "=r" (msr) does not work. Simply referencing the variable (mfmsr msr) does not work either. The documentation is mostly silent on accessing C variables though it does say inline assembly is good for working with static variables but doesn't give an example.

Any advice or examples?

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Staring at the documentation finally lead me to the asm macro. I created an assembler macro that looks a lot like a C function and call that.

__asm INT32U getMSR ()
   ! "r3"  /* Scratch register.*/

   mfmsr    r3

and where I want to get the MSR:

msr = getMSR ();
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