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I have some C# code that creates an Access Database and a sql script that creates the tables and populates them from a C# DataSet object. One of the tables has a column on it named Memo. In Access, Memo is a reserved word so my sql script fails.

Unfortunately I cannot change the name of the column, but I need my sql script to be able to create this table. Is there something (like a symbol) I can add to the column name to get it to work?

I have tried single and double quotes, but that just names the fields 'Memo' and "Memo" and I don't actually want the quotes in the name. Here is part of the script that I am running to create the table.

CREATE TABLE Print_Vehicle (ID Int, Memo VarChar)

The error I get is

Syntax Error in field definition

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You may be able to work around this using square-brackets:

[Memo] VarChar

Although the official advice is "Use a different name".

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Ah, that did the trick, thanks. I really wish I could use a different name but changing the name of a field might break 10k of our existing Crystal Reports... – gwin003 Jul 2 '13 at 19:35

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