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I'm using Dreamweaver to update copyright dates across my site. I want to preserve the existing spacing (or lack thereof) between years. Examples: © 2002-2008 should update to © 2002-2009 © 2003 - 2008 should update to © 2003 - 2009 This is the regular expression I'm using to accomplish this in Dreamweaver's find & replace function Find: ©\s*(\d{4}\s*-\s*)\d{3}[^9]

Replace: © $1 2009

Here's the PROBLEM: This expression works, but has that that extra space between the hyphen and 2009. If I write the replace expression without the space, as © $12009 then dreamweaver looks for the 12,009th substitution in the find expression, and, not finding one, prints $12009.

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Same problem. In PCRE you can write \{1} to "protect" the reference number, but not finding the info for Dreamweaver. Certainly ${1} does not work. – zx81 Dec 16 '11 at 3:06

If you do not capture the - as well as the whitespace before or after it and only capture the leading year, then it'll make life a bit easier: ©\s*(\d{4})\s*-\s*\d{3}[^9] then replace with: @ $1 - 2009

Just tried locally and it worked in the following test cases:

© 2002- 2008
© 2002-2005
© 2002- 2006
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I do not have Dreamweaver, but I suppose that its regex engine doesn't support lookaround - at least this introduction from Adobe doesn't mention it. So you'll need a workaround. One thing you could do (not pretty, but it works):

Use © $1QQQQ2009 as your replacement string, and then do a second pass, searching for QQQQ and replacing that with nothing. As long as you're sure that you don't have any real occurences of QQQQ in your text somewhere :)

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