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Sublime Text 2 seems to have user settings for everything, but I cannot locate one to set the width of the sidebar. I like it to be much narrower than it defaults to and am constantly manually setting it.

Anyone know where the setting is?


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Well I know so much that the sidebar width is per-project, i.e. stored in the <project>.sublime-workspace file.

The relevant keys are

"side_bar_visible": true,
"side_bar_width": 260.0,

So you could edit your workspace files with the width value you prefer.

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Thank you. I'll try this, but I am going to leave this question open as I am looking for a user setting, not a per-project setting. Of course, if there is no user setting for the sidebar width, than I will ultimately give you credit for the answer. :-) – BitBug Jul 15 '13 at 21:20

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