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I have the following three methods:

    private static Temperature.TemperatureScale GetTemperatureEnumFromString(string enumString)
        return (Temperature.TemperatureScale)
            Enum.Parse(typeof (Temperature.TemperatureScale), enumString);

    private static Stress.StressScale GetStressEnumFromString(string enumString)
        return (Stress.StressScale)
            Enum.Parse(typeof (Stress.StressScale), enumString);

    private static VolumetricFlow.VolumetricFlowScale GetVolumetricFlowEnumFromString(string enumString)
                Enum.Parse(typeof (VolumetricFlow.VolumetricFlowScale), 

I'm trying to understand C# concepts like the dynamic keyword and generic type casting. I would really like to refactor these three methods into one, because otherwise I will have to utilize about 5 more methods yet to be written for other unit system scales. Does anyone have a good way to refactor these methods into one? If so, can you also explain how it works? Thanks!

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Something like this?

public static T GetValue<T>(string enumString)
    return (T)Enum.Parse(typeof(T),enumString);

var val = GetValue<Stress.StressScale>("...");
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Awesome, seems to be working! Thanks! Anything I need to be careful with while using this generic type? –  Jake Smith Jul 2 '13 at 20:51

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