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I'm using the following function which I found as a reply to this question to show a dialog window for file selection.

[ Edit: Turns out the distro differences here are merely because Matplotlib is using gtk3agg on Fedora and TkAgg for drawing windows on each system ]

On Fedora 18: Everything works fine.

On Ubuntu 12.10: Matplotlib hangs after closing any figure displayed after the file dialog. For example, in the code below, on Ubuntu I can never get to the "made it" line. I am still able to type in the terminal, though nothing happens. If I remove the file dialog, Matplotlib figures work as expected.

import Tkinter, tkFileDialog
import pylab

def ask_for_config_file():

    print "Please provide location of configuration file."

    root = Tkinter.Tk()
    file_path = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename()

    return file_path

def main():

    config_file_path = ask_for_config_file()


    print "Made it."

Any suggestions?

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I just needed a root.destroy() at the end of the dialog function!

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