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What does it mean to pass in an integer DataValue% with a % symbol into a function? How is this different from just passing in without "%"

Also what does it mean to passin PortNum% vs PortNum?

Private Sub WritePortValue(ByVal DataValue As Integer)

   ' write the value to the output port
   '  Parameters:
   '    BoardNum    :the number used by CB.CFG to describe this board
   '    PortNum&    :the output port
   '    DataValue%  :the value written to the port

   ULStat& = cbDOut(BoardNum, PortNum&, DataValue%)

   If ULStat& <> 0 Then
      lblShowValOut.Caption = Format$(DataValue%, "0")
   End If

End Sub
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When you use %, it is a very "Visual Basic" way of specifying the data type, % meaning integer. Here are some other types:

% : Integer
& : Long
# : Double
! : Single
@ : Currency
$ : String

More info:;en-us;191713

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The @ is Currency – Bob77 Jul 3 '13 at 11:57
I can't stress enough how evil those operators are. Use the casting functions that are clearly named. – Ghost Jul 3 '13 at 16:06

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