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what is the function of [[1]] in below command?

Train <- createDataPartition(dataset$Class, p = .8)[[1]]

Train1 <- dataset[ Train, ]

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found answer after a lot of tryiing...posting it as it might be useful to others

answer: by default creatDataPartition returns LIST datatype. we want Train to store row numbers or Integer data...thats why we have to put [[1]]...because of [[1]], Train has only Integer data. Therefore the next statement Train1 <- dataset works...

instead of doing this we can also modify statement 1 as Train <- createDataPartition(dataset$Class, p = .8, list=FALSE) and the second statement will work...

to understand difference between [] and [[]], you can run observecode

j<-list(na="J", weight=55000)


[1] "list"


[1] "character"


[1] "list"


Error in j[[1:2]] : subscript out of bounds

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