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To get the price locale, I'm using the code in this thread

How to access the price of a product in SKPayment?

So far so good, except a tiny detail : on my test iPad, here is what the price locale localeIdentifier property : en_FR@currency=EUR Which lead to prices formated that way : €0.99 instead of the correct way in France : 0,99€

Except : - the iPad language is set to French (I regulary switch to English for test purposes) - the regional format is set to France - the registered Apple Id in the "Store" setting is configured for French AppStore (and was used to pay) - the AppStore app correctly display the right format (for example : 0,99€) - the [NSLocale currentLocale] properly say : fr_FR

Any idea why I am not getting the right price locale ?

Thanks in advance

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You should include your code in your question, not a link that says "my code is like this". –  Esoteric Screen Name Jul 2 '13 at 21:36
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