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I currently have the following folder structure:

Root\img\test\   this folder contains my image files
Root\eval\color\ this folder contains folders, each of these folders contains a random number of files, some of which share the same name with the images(but with .seg extension)

What I'm trying to do is to create in the first location, for each image, a corresponding text file, with the same name, which contains the absolute paths to every file that has the same name in the second location. Currently this is what I have so far:

for %A in (*.jpg) do for /R ../../eval\color %i in (*.seg) do echo %~fi >> %~dpA%~ni.txt
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This may work for you.

@echo off
pushd "Root\img\test\"
for %%a in (*.*) do (
dir "Root\eval\color\%%~na.*" /b /s /a-d >>"%%~na.txt"
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try this:

for %r "Root\img\test" %a in (*.jpg) do (echo(%~fa)>"%~dpna.txt"
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