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I am rendering a collection of objects, and, within the partial for each object that I render, I want to be able to output some info that requires a reference to an item in the collection I have yet to iterate over:


def index
  @users = %w(Nelson Lisa Milhouse Janey)


= render :partial => "user", :collection => @users


- if next_user
  %p= "#{next_user} likes #{user}!"
- else

Is there an inherent accessor I don't know about, which I would substitute for "next_user", and call within the partial to get data on any of the other objects in the collection?

Or would I be doomed to passing "next_user" in as a local variable?

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It can be done like this:

= render :partial => "user", :collection => @users, :locals => { :users => @users}

You will then have access to @users.

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