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So I'm writing a custom Vagrantfile to do a variety of things, it can be found at Github, but I seem to be hitting the wall with a certain aspect of Vagrant functionality. I need to bring up and provision multiple Vagrant machines with a single command, but Vagrant executes this sequentially. ie.

vagrant up master wiki

will only bring up the 'wiki' machine if all provisioning on the master succeeds first. Is there any way to execute 'vagrant up master' and 'vagrant up wiki' in parallel from my Vagrantfile? I'm fairly new to ruby and I don't know much about system-level coding. If not, how would I force vagrant to bring up the 'wiki' command even if 'vagrant up master' exits with a non-zero status?

Or, the less desirable option, how do I override the non-zero exit status and fool vagrant into thinking there were no errors at all?

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If you're using bash do a vagrant up master; vagrant up wiki which makes sure, the exit codes don't influence each other. In general using shell programming is the only thing that works here (or making sure the provisioning doesn't fail ;) –  cmur2 Jul 3 '13 at 7:52
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