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For a single file, I would use (I'm using PostgreSQL):

COPY mytable FROM '/usr/info.csv' NULL '' HEADER CSV;

However, now I have a folder with possibly 60-100 files that are in the same format ending in the ext as infoPROCESSED.csv and was wondering if there is a method in postgresql to go through the directory and copy the files into mytable? or would I have to write a script to do this?

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Please don't put tag information in your title. The tagging system here is very good at classifying things, and doesn't need help. :-) Please see Should questions include "tags" in their titles?. Thanks. – Ken White Jul 2 '13 at 22:55
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Here's a (hackish) way of loading the csv files:

for x in *.ext; do psql -d yourdb -qtAc "copy mytable from '/path/to/files/$x' csv header null ''"; done
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