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I have a bilingual web site with two locales: en and ru.

I want my site to have i18n. I use 'globalize3' and 'easy_globalize3_accessors' gems.

There are departments I can create and edit with standard forms. Locales are given from URL: example.com/en/departments/ or example.com/ru/departments/

Now if I want to create a new department item, I would see such a thing:

  1. A main form for current locale (I18n.locale).
  2. A checkbox to add a translation on the same page.
  3. If checkbox is active, show another form for another locale right next to the main form.
  4. The most important thing — validations for each locale must be different. Say, for en it should pass ASCII symbols; for ru — Cyrillic ones.

My problem is number 4. I can't get my validations work with a checkbox.

The main problem is: checkbox active? If yes, show another form and run validations for it. If no, show nothing and don't run validations for that form, pass it empty.

For now, if I fill in two forms, everything works like a charm.

Ok. What I tried.


class Department < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name, :translations_attributes
  translates :name, fallbacks_for_empty_translations: true
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :translations

  # The inline class Translation is a hack to solve 
  # "Can't mass-assign protected attributes: locale"
  # See https://github.com/svenfuchs/globalize3/issues/128#issuecomment-11480650
  class Translation
    attr_accessible :locale, :name
    validates :name, uniqueness: true
    validates :name, format: {with: /\A[-а-яА-Я -]+\Z/},  if: ->(l) {l.locale.to_s == 'ru'}
    validates :name, format: {with: /\A[-a-zA-Z -']+\Z/}, if: ->(l) {l.locale.to_s == 'en'} 


def new
  @department = Department.new

def create
  @department = Department.new(params[:department])
  @department.save ? (redirect_to action: :index) : (render :new)

View (new.haml.html) without checkbox

= form_for @department, url: {action: :create} do |f|
    - f.globalize_fields_for_locale I18n.locale do |g|
      = "Translation for"
      = I18n.locale
      = g.label t("department.form.new.label.name")
      = g.text_field :name
    - I18n.available_locales.each do |locale|
      - next if locale == I18n.locale
      - f.globalize_fields_for_locale locale do |g|
        = "Translation for"
        = locale
        = g.label t("department.form.new.label.name")
        = g.text_field :name

  = f.submit t("department.create.link"), class: "btn"

Help me understand what I have to do, please.

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